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Voyeur Spying

Last Friday was the best night of my life. When it all started to come together as a plan, I didn’t really want to go. Terry asked me to join him for a pool party. He was inviting two women and myself. He told me that the women are lesbians but that we were mostly likely going to get a thrill anyway. He said they love to perform for people. Although of course, he couldn’t be sure that they would perform for us.

“But what the heck, it’s a shot in the dark that it might be the best night of our life, as long as you don’t mind jacking off as you watch. I know for a fact that they don’t like to touch men and don’t like men to touch them,” Terry said.

“Damn,” I said. “That isn’t very fun though, is it?”

“To get to see two great women going at each other will just be great, even if I can’t touch them. I’m getting a woody just thinking about it.”

“Yeah, I guess,” I said.

“Well, don’t act so excited about it,” he said, disappointed that I wasn’t as thrilled as he thought I should be.
“It will be okay. If anything happens, then I will get excited.”

The pool party turned out pretty fun. We were all drinking like fish and swimming. Terry and I couldn’t take our eyes off of Sharon and Jilly. They are blonde, busty, and beautiful. What I wouldn’t give to be the first guy that they fucked, but I knew I would be happy just to catch them fucking each other.

“You can sleep on the couch. The girls can be in the guest room. I’m in my own room. I have to go to bed,” Terry said.

“But I thought you were staying up awhile,” I said. So nothing was going to happen after all.

“We are all pretty drunk,” Jilly said. “Sharon and I are going to bed.”

“Well, have a good night then.” Everyone disappeared into their rooms, and I laid on the couch wishing I could have seen some action. I was so horny just from thinking that I might get to see those beautiful women going at it. After laying there awake for an hour, I got up to go to the bathroom. I passed by the women’s room and heard them giggling inside. The door was partly open, so I peaked in. What I saw was the most beautiful thing that I ever thought I would see. Sharon and Jilly were standing naked in front of each other. Sharon was slowly touching Jilly's breasts. My cock grew so hard that it poked out the top of my boxers. Jilly moved her head back liking what she felt. It was so sexy. Her breasts thrust forward so Sharon could touch them. Her nipples grew so hard, I wanted to bite them myself. Jilly looked at Sharon and touched her breast, too. What a thrill it was to see two women touch each other. I began jacking off, I couldn't seem to help it. I was hurting.

They slowly got into bed in a 69 position. Each of them spread their legs wide. I thought I would cum right there. I squeezed my cock in order not to cum too fast.

It was Sharon eating Jilly's pussy that I could see best. It was her fingers that buried themselves in her. Jilly's hips moved faster, and I could see the ecstasy on Sharon's face from Jilly's tongue in her.

I stroked my cock faster, my hips bucking. I wanted, even needed to cum soon, but if I could help it, I would wait until I heard the soft moans of the two women.

"Fuck me faster," I heard Jilly say. Sharon's fingers and tongue moved as fast as a vibrator. "I'm cumming," Sharon said. What a sweet, wonderful look of thrill was on her face.

Sharon got off of Jilly's face then, and got a dildo from her big bag. She got back in bed. Jilly's sweet cunt faced me. Sharon put the dildo inside of Sharon, slowly at first. It was a pretty large rubber cock that drove inside, Jilly's fingers went to her own pussy, her own clit.

"Fuck me hard with it, Sharon."

"Yes, Jilly, play with your pussy."

I was breathing so fast, I worried that they would hear me. I knew I could not wait much longer. "Cum, Jilly," I whispered.

Jilly circled her clit faster, as Sharon fucked her hard. I thrust my cock in my hand at the same speed.

"I'm cumming," Jilly whined. Her body shook at the same time as my own cum burst from my cock into my hand and on my boxers.

The moment I could move again, I ran to the bathroom to clean up. I went back to the couch and on the way by the girls' room, I heard giggling again. It was all I could do not to enter the room and throw myself at them.

The next morning, Terry woke up. “Man, I’m sorry nothing happened last night,” he said. “I was just so drunk and they were, too.”

“It’s okay,” I said. “Maybe next time.” I didn’t want to burst his bubble and make it so he knew he had missed something special.

By: Naughty