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The Pizza Dude

It was late one Saturday night and getting close to quitting time at the pizza place. I needed to make a delivery to an old friend’s house. I smiled at the thought of seeing her again. She was one hot woman. At 30 her breasts still stood straight and pointing upward and her legs were so sexy they made me drool. Everytime I saw her I ached for her. It’s really hard to ignore a man’s shaft that is harder than ever. I knew she could tell I wanted her. I still hadn’t been able to get into her pants though, but one day I knew I would. I just had to arrive at the right time.

I knocked on the door and Becky answered the door quite drunk. She was wearing a pair of cut off shorts that showed her well curved ass and a cut off t-shirt that barely covered her large breasts with the hardened nipples. She looked at me smiling. "I was hoping it would be you that delivered the pizza. I didn’t really want the thing. I wanted you."

I couldn’t believe my ears. I was glad she wanted me, but I wondered how much of her need was due to alcohol. Well, it didn’t really matter, because I still ached for her. I just hoped that she would remember it in the morning and want me again. ‘I want you, too," I said going inside.

We had no history together. We were barely friends. I just knew her as an acquaintance. I just liked to look at her. I never really thought this would happen, but I was glad that it was. I went to her without a word taking her into my arms and kissing her so hard I made her quiver inside. She melted in my arms. We were immediately out of control. My muscular arms took her tightly into them as she breathed life into my body. Cells came alive that were not before. She quivered wildly in my arms, only breathing the air that I supplied her. Backing away from her lips, I saw the caring look in her eyes. I kissed her chest with light pecks all over. Feelings took over for my mind and I was unable to stop them. I was a being beyond myself ready to take this woman into my bed and be inside her body. Running my hands up inside of her shirt made me take in a deep breath of surprise at the heat that passed through her body into mine. My shaft became quickly hard and my balls ached for her. She pulled her own shirt off for me breathing in her own quick successions. I bit on her nipples, circling them with the tip of my tongue. Her hand ran over my head, her fingers through my hair. The warmth of her fingertips went through my body like a current of electricity clear to my toes. I kissed and nibbled on her upper body, then kissed her hard on the lips again.

"I want you, Becky. I can’t help it. Please, take me now the way you want me."

Without a word I took my hands and placed them on each breast. I stopped breathing all together for a moment as my hands burned at her skin from their own natural heat. I bent down to bite on a nipple again and lick each in time. She squirmed out of her own pants and panties to give me access to all of her. How I wanted her and needed her to touch me and to screw me until we came together.

"Oh, Becky, you are wonderful," I moaned.

She smiled as she let her hands reach my zipper so she could take the fabric away from the place that kept me aching. As they slid down his legs, so did Becky, till she kneeled before me and took total control of my mind and body. She grabbed onto my hot ass as she let her tongue lick circles around the head of my shaft before descending all the way down to the base. A shriek came to my mouth before I latched onto her head forcing her to suck my rod all the way out and all the way back in. Her fingertips reached my balls and the inside of my thighs. She ran them up over my hips and around to my small ass. I squirmed before here as I pushed my shaft deep into the wetness of her mouth.

I grabbed her up suddenly away from my hard shaft. "You are driving me wild. I am going to come too fast if you don’t stop." I laid Becky on her bed spreading her legs and lifting her knees. "What a beautiful mound," I sighed.
I blew cold air on her clit making her leap before me. My fingers went right to her clit to wiggle it back and forth. She squirmed madly as her hips did figure eight’s.
"No one has ever played with my clit like that. No one has touched me better than you," Becky said. "See how many fingers you can put inside of me," she continued to say.
I put two fingers inside of her as deep as it could go. She cried out in ecstasy. "More. See if you can put in more, Robert."

I felt the tightness of her around my fingers. The wetness overwhelmed me as I put in two more of my fingers. She forced her hips down on them hard nearly hurting herself, but not being able to stop.

"I have to be full of you until nearly hurts me," she screamed. I continued to finger her clit and screw her insides at the same time. She shivered as she breathed heavy and raspy. I could no longer think. I could only do as her body begged me to.

"Screw me, Robert. Please, screw me," Becky cried out.
I had to feel my hard shaft in her. I didn’t want to wait another minute. All the months of waiting had come to this, and I needed it now. I mounted her almost cat-like, a jaguar pouncing upon his prey. I could have me if she willed. She controlled me with a power that forced itself into me.
She lifted her legs up and around my waist. My shaft slipped right into her dripping heat. I could hear how wet had become and feel the dampness upon my balls. I held my breath as I hit the back wall of her. Then I slipped out of her to drive my way as deep as I could go. I moved faster with each thrust. She touched my hips and sides and ass as I moved in and out. She bit my ear, then kissed me hard again and again. She cried out my name as pressure of my own orgasm approached. I slowed my pace, not yet coming or letting her come. My hand slipped between our sweating bodies to her clit, and I fingered it as I screwed her in the same rhythmic motion. My hips met hers as she came over me.
"Robert!!!" She yelled as she quivered wildly trying hard to push me from inside of her.

I felt her body stiffen up against me, my shaft buried as deep as it would go. I began my own orgasm coming into her. The warmth from her body and my come went straight to my soul. She locked onto me not letting go. She came over and over as I let loose my sperm into her crevasses. I had never felt that way before. I kissed her over and over again still rocking slowly. I felt as if I was on top of waves on an ocean of passion.

I rolled over sweating and breathing heavy. Becky rolled over on top of me looking down into my face.

"Did you like it?" She asked sweetly.

"More than I’ve ever liked anything before," I smiled back.

"Then you won’t mind when we do it again."

"Anytime," I grinned.

By: Naughty