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No Longer Cyber Lovers

The new wave of the future is meeting people online. I find the best way to meet someone is through my interests and hobbies. At least then we have something to talk about.

While surfing the net, I met Lenny. After a few weeks, I began wanting more than to talk about every day things. I wanted to tell him I wanted him in bed with me. Actually, I wanted to meet him in person and fuck his brains out. We just got along so well, and I felt a warm connection to him. I ached to have him inside me.

“What do you think of meeting in person?” I asked. “I really want to meet you.” I couldn’t remember the last time I had wanted to have sex with someone as bad as I did then.

“I don’t know if we could work it out. We can try.”

“You are only a few hours from here. You could drive up here early and we could go to lunch or a movie or something,” I said, not wanting to tell him that I wanted him to be lunch.

“I could get away tomorrow if you want. We can see what happens.”

We made plans to meet at the restaurant down the street from me as soon as he called to let me know he was there.

Dressed in a skirt, a sweater, and the appropriate undergarments, I headed out the door to meet him. I was so nervous but something inside told me it would be great and we would get along the way I fantasized.

After seeing his picture, I knew as soon as I stepped inside, who he was. He was so handsome with his short brown hair and eyes. He stood to greet me and as he took my hand, I nearly melted from the electric current that shot through me.

“Hi, babe,” he said. “It’s so good to see you.”

I reached over to him, wrapping my arms around him for a quick moment before sitting down. I could scarcely breathe and hoped when I spoke that words would escape my lips.

“It’s good to see you, too,” I said. I didn’t want to be in that restaurant, I wanted to be at my house, wrapped in his arms and kissing him. He looked so strong and sexy. “Control,” I thought.

“Can I get you something?” He asked as the waitress came over.

“Just a Coke,” I said.

“You really are beautiful,” he said when the waitress disappeared.

“You are really handsome,” I said. I was shaking inside but it wasn’t from being nervous, it was from true lust for him. He reached his hand across the table and held my hand. We stared at each other until the waitress brought our drinks.

“If I wouldn’t be too forward, I’d just like to tell you that I’d love for you to come back to my house with me,” I said.

“I’d love to,” and with that, he paid the bill and he followed me back to my place.

Once inside, I looked at him and moved into his arms without even thinking. He didn’t seem to mind. He held me tight up against him and I could feel how hard he already was through his pants. He wanted me as much as I did him. Our lips planted themselves against each other. The air I was breathing was his. The passionate kisses went down my neck, over to my ear, and back to my lips. With each nibble, he removed a piece of clothing. He frantically started to touch me with his heated handed. He knew the right pressure points to touch me, the right way, the right speed. He was truly great in his love making techniques. I was open for his taken. I would do anything for him if he just ask, just show me what he wanted. He suddenly pulled at his shirt, tearing the buttons off, as I unzipped and took off his pants. I wanted at his cock. I wanted to touch and taste him. If there was one thing that I loved to do, it was to give blow jobs.

“Suck me, please,” he said. He pushed me down on my knees in front of him and moved his cock to my lips. I liked his forcefulness and in the same regard, he wasn’t mean, just knew what he wanted. His rod rode in and out of my mouth as I touched his balls, cupping them, and then running my fingertips over them. He moaned and watched what I was doing. His hand pushed my head slightly as I sucked him. It wasn’t long before he moaned loudly. “Swallow my cum,” he said, and I did just that. It turned me on so much that I was sitting back against the heels of my feet with them crammed into my pussy.

“Horny, little thing, aren’t you,” he said when he noticed me moving against my feet.

“Yes, for you, I am. Please take me, play with me, touch me, lick me. I need you,” I begged, laying back.

He spread my legs and went right to my pussy, separating the lips and licking my clit. “Mmmmm,” he said. “You are so hot.” He stuck his fingers deeply into me, moving them in and out, while licking and sucking my clit. My hips moved uncontrollably.

“Play with me. Please, play with me,” I begged. His fingers moved to my clit and played hard, while still pushing his fingers in and out of me. I tried to keep it going for a while but soon, my orgasm took me over, as he licked the sweet juices from me.

“Turn over, babe, so I can fuck you so good,” he said. I was only too happy to oblige. I rolled over, thrusting my ass in the air and arching my back. He was behind me in an instant, putting his cock inside my pussy. I screamed in pleasure as he hit the back wall inside. It had been so long. He rode me like it had been a long time for him, too. I was glad he was taking it all out on me. There was so much to how I felt. It was like I had known him forever, not just a few minutes. The computer had made me know him and now I was getting even closer.

“Fuck me harder,” I said. I reached down to touch my clit. It was throbbing for human touch as I was being fucked. He touched my breasts and pinched my nipples.

“Cum now,” he yelled at me as he shook and held onto me tight. As his cum flowed into my body, I came, too, oblivious to anything else going on. I was nearly about to pass out from it all.

We collapsed together and he kissed me and held me. “You are great.”

“So are you. Even from over the internet, I knew it would be good with you,” I said.

“I knew it deep down, too.”

By: Naughty